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  Title Description  
1 #8ball Eight Ball Call pocket (not shot) - Open after the break - Ball in hand on fouls and scratches  
2 #9ball Nine Ball Slop counts - Must hit lowest ball first - First to make 9ball wins - Ball in hand on all fouls  
3 #drunk Late Night For when you know you're too drunk to play well  
4 #10ball Ten Ball Call Pocket - Must hit lowest ball first - First to make the 10ball wins - Ball in hand on all fouls  
5 #mini8 Mini 8-Ball Rack four stripes, four solids, and the 8-Ball in a diamond shape and play by the same rules as #8ball. The only difference is that there are less balls on the table, so it's a faster game  
6 #carom Carom 8-Ball Carom is racked and played like #8ball but after the break you must drive your own ball off of the cue ball and into a pocket. Your stick hits your own ball first!  
7 #1pocket One Pocket Play with all 15 balls - Breaker chooses a pocket by the foot of the table (opponent gets the other) - Whoever makes 8 balls in their pocket first, wins  
8 #straight Straight Pool Play with all 15 balls - Shoot any called ball into a called pocket - Rerack with a missing head ball once down to one ball - Shooter continues till they miss  
9 #7ball Seven Ball Play with seven balls racked in a circle - Rotation game (like #9ball) - Non-breaker chooses a long side of the table - You win when the 7-ball goes into a pocket on your side of the table  
10 #banks Banks Play with any nine balls racked in a diamond - Shoot any ball in any order - Call ball and pocket - Banks only - First to make five balls wins - You lose a ball on fouls  
11 #snooker Snooker Classic game of snooker played on a gigantic table with tiny rounded pockets  
12 #choice Lagger's Choice Lag winner chooses game type or first break  
13 #amro American Rotation Rack all 15 balls, everything made on break spots, breaker gets BIH to start, shoot in order, one point for 1-10, two points for 11-15